MISSIONS OFFICE COLLECTION This weekend is the Sister Diocese Collection Weekend. Choose to be a missioner from home! This year the Mission Office Collection will be done virtually. We invite you to watch the video and reflect on its message and then continue supporting our mission work in the Dominican Republic. Here is the link to make a donation: https://www.cfocf.org/mission-office/

Welcome to The Basilica of St. Paul!

This is the first Basilica that Pope Benedict XVI has so honored and only the 60th Church designated as a basilica in the United States. The renaming of St Paul Catholic Church to “The Basilica of St Paul” marks the first basilica for the Central Florida Diocese of Orlando and only the second Basilica in Florida. The Basilica of St Augustine was named many years ago. Churches are selected as basilicas because of their historical significance and their liturgical life and example. This holy and prestigious honor is given to recognize the 125 years of parish community witness to faith, hope and charity, watchwords of St Paul himself.