Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a Wedding at the Basilica?

All couples wanting to have a wedding scheduled need to contact the parish office at least four months prior to the date desired to set a meeting with the priest. All couples are required to go through the marriage preparation process. The priest will work with you on your journey towards the sacrament.

Do I need to be a registered member of the parish?

The Basilica is a place of welcome to all couples who wish to be married here. In performing the Sacrament of Marriage at least one person in the couple must be Catholic.

What fees are there for using the Basilica of St Paul?

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How do I plan my Wedding ceremony?

You will be working with one of the wedding coordinators who will guide you through this process. The wedding coordinator ministry is designed to assist the priest with the liturgical planning, rehearsal, and wedding ceremony. You will be assigned a wedding coordinator at your second meeting with father. You will need to schedule a meeting up to two or three months prior to your wedding date.

Who chooses the readings and prayers for our ceremony?

You and your fiancé chose. In attending your Pre Cana retreat you will receive a “Together for Life” book. This book has all your liturgical choices for the wedding ceremony listed. This book is designed for you to be able to reflect on the readings and prayers with your fiancé and make the choices meaningful to you for your ceremony. The selections made from this book will be used for your wedding ceremony.

Will Mass be a part of our marriage ceremony?

Not always. The Sacrament of Marriage can take place with or without a Mass, in your preparation with the priest you will determine this.

How do I plan my music for my wedding?

You will need to contact the Basilica of St Paul Music Director at the parish office. He will schedule a meeting with you to select all your musical needs and answer any questions you may have on visiting musicians as well as cantors.

Do I need a marriage license to be married at the Basilica of St Paul?

Yes, the State of Florida requires you to have one. This can be obtained at any county courthouse in the state of Florida. A discount will be given after completion of the Pre Cana retreat. You must return the license to the priest or to your wedding coordinator no later than the rehearsal night.

Can I bring Flowers?

Flowers are allowed in the church for your wedding day. Pew bows are allowed, as well as pew bow flower arrangements. Please note in order to preserve the beauty of the Basilica no tape, tacks, or glue can be used on the pews. Flower arrangements are allowed to be placed on the large round table in the vestibule, in front of the ambo, and the cantor stand. You may also place arrangements in front of the altar however they cannot be taller than the altar.

During the Lenten season flowers are not permitted in the sanctuary.  The priest will inform you if your ceremony is taking place during the Lenten season. Your arrangements would accompany any of the current church décor already in place.

Can we have a photographer/videographer?

Photographers are an important part of your wedding day and we are certain your pictures will be beautiful at the Basilica. Flash photography is allowed during the ceremony. The wedding coordinator will open the choir loft for your photographer/ videographer to set up also. Certain limitations due exist for the photographer in order to preserve the Sacrament of Marriage and the liturgy that is being preformed. Photographers are limited to shooting from behind the front pillars in the church on the side aisles. We request the photographer does not set up in the center aisle during the ceremony but may use the back portion of the center as the bridal party recesses from the church.  Your wedding coordinator will review all the photographer rules with you.

Do you have a bride’s room?

We do not have a bride’s room in the church but we do offer the Damascus Room in the lobby of the church (across from the Gift Shop) to get ready in. You can reserve the room with the parish secretary at the office. A $100.00 deposit is required for the key. The deposit can be picked up at the church office when the key is returned if the room is room is left in proper order.

Birds, bubbles, rice and receiving lines will be accommodated at your reception facility. Runners are not permitted at the Basilica due to insurance reasons.

We are so happy that you have chosen the Basilica of St. Paul to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage. We know by your choice in being here God will always be a part of your marriage. We love to have our newlyweds be a part of our parish life too.  Please make sure upon your return from your honey moon to contact the church office or the pastor to see what ministries are available for you to do as a couple in the parish community.