Offerings, Gifts, & Stipends

Although the Catholic Church does not charge anything to receive the sacrament of marriage, the practical aspects of planning a liturgy require a great deal of coordination, time, and effort on behalf of many. Therefore, the Basilica of St. Paul is asking for offerings, gifts, and stipends for the following:

Basilica of St. Paul (For the use of the Church. This freewill offering helps to cover lighting, air conditioning/heating, maintenance, and safety.)- $500.00

Music (For the services of our Music and Liturgy Director, a professional musician who will spend time planning with you, and playing the organ/piano before and during your wedding) -$200.00 for parishioner, $250.00 for non-parishioners  If you would also like the music director to come to your wedding rehearsal, there is an additional $50.00 fee. Also, if extra rehearsal time is required with musicians from outside of the church, additional fees may be applicable (these are negotiable, dependent on the time necessary for preparation).

Cantor (For the soloist who will lead the assembly in song, especially the Responsorial psalm, and for any solos that may be requested)- $75.00

Parish Wedding Coordinator (For those who will guide you through the liturgy planning, rehearsal, and parish policies and protocol regarding the liturgical environment)- $100.00

Altar Server (Mass only) – $20.00 (only needed if there is a Mass)