Discernment for the Basilica of St. Paul Pastoral Council

All members of the Pastoral Council are appointed by the Pastor after a process of discernment by members of the six parish ministry commissions. The Pastoral Council of the Basilica of St. Paul will be comprised of two representatives from each of the six commissions representing the ministerial life of the parish. A discernment session is held whenever a vacancy occurs on the council. During the discernment session, attendees answer the following questions and responses are shared in small groups. This information is used by the council to amend the pastoral plan. Based on the needs of the commission and council, representatives are discerned by those in attendance representing the ministries of the commission.

  1. What are your hope and dreams for the Basilica of St. Paul for the next five years?
  2. What are the needs you see in the commission you are serving?
  3. What are the gifts, talents, and skills that you could bring to the new Pastoral Council?
  4. What are the limitations, liabilities, and other issues that could keep you from sharing your time and talent with the Parish Pastoral Council?

Prayer of Discernment for Basilica of St. Paul Pastoral Council

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask your help in discerning whether you are calling me to serve on the Basilica of St. Paul Pastoral Council.  I trust that you always give me the grace necessary for my life.  Please grant me the courage to respond to you with a willing and generous heart.  No matter how you are calling me to serve, may my hands bring your compassion and mercy to others.  May my words be your invitation to others to approach you knowing that you will meet all their needs.  And may I be Eucharist to all I meet.

Lord, guide me, and fill me with the wisdom I need to understand and accept your call to me.  If you are calling me to serve may I not be intimidated by the sacredness of your presence.  Instead, fill me with a devout and reverent spirit.  Give me the grace to be a worthy minister.  Amen.