Pilgrim Virgin

The pilgrim virgin is a statue of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, which each week is transferred to a different family’s home. The family gives the statue a place in their home for one week, setting aside one hour a day to pray before it. Other members of the ministry attend the prayer session.


The devotion to the “PILGRIM VIRGIN” originated at Fatima on the 30th anniversary of Our Lady’s first apparition there, May 13, 1917. It originated when thousands of people wanted to go to Fatima to thank Our Lady for stopping the war and saving their lives, but could not due to the war torn conditions after World War II.

At that time two statues were blessed by the Bishop of Leiria and sent on distant pilgrimages, one to the Far East and the other to the West. The statues were exact replicas of Our Lady as she appeared at Fatima and were designed under the direction of Lucia. The Pilgrim Virgin was to go to different countries, states and cities, but there were never enough statues to meet the demand of the people.

In 1954, the Men of the Sacred Heart in Chicago decided to form an Ambassador of Mary Apostolate in order to provide Pilgrim Virgin statues for the homes where Our Lady would be honored in a Home Rosary Crusade.

The demand for the statues has increased so that now there are over 200 statues going from home to home each week throughout the United States and other countries. Seven of these are in the state of Florida.


The purpose of this apostolate is to promote and fulfill the wishes and requests of Our Lady at Fatima, which are found in the general intentions that are read every night. The apostolate is usually under the care of a spiritual director.

The Ritual and Members

Some members, about ten or more, act as Honor Guard for the Pilgrim Virgin and they are called Ambassadors of Mary and wear her official pin. Their duties include moving the statues from one house to the next, reciting the prayers with the hosting family, visiting as often as possible, and helping the families with their obligations towards the Pilgrim Virgin. When transporting the statues, two Ambassadors accompany it in the car. One drives while the other carries the statue, which insures safety and proper respect for the cherished sacramental.

There is a person in charge of the statue is called a Lay Custodian and their duties include: to know the whereabouts of the statue at all times, to make sure that there are Ambassadors to move it from home to home, to conduct the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart service at the home, and to handle any other affairs if they should rise.

One of the Ambassadors acts as the Secretary and they keep all record of home visits and put a notice in the weekly church bulletin so that everyone knows where the devotions are being held and that they are welcome to come.

If you wish the privilege of being an Ambassador of Mary or of providing a “home” for The Pilgrim Virgin, please call your parish secretary for The Pilgrim Virgin Apostolate.