Daily Hospitality Greeters

As a minor Basilica, the Basilica of St. Paul is a place of welcome for the parish community, the greater Daytona Beach community, as well as for tourists and pilgrims. The doors of the Basilica of St. Paul are open Monday through Friday from 8:15 am until 2:30pm for prayer, personal reflection, and tours of the church. On Saturdays the Church is open from 8:15 am until 5:00 pm and on Sundays from 7:45 am until 7:00 pm. The Church is closed on Holidays. We do our best to keep the Church open during these hours. However, if a hospitality greeter is unavailable, the Church will be closed.

The Basilica would be unable to remain open during the day without the help of Daily Hospitality Greeters. Greeters minister to all those who visit the Basilica throughout the day by welcoming them, providing tours upon request, answering questions about the Basilica, and helping with the sale of religious articles.

Since hospitality greeters must handle money, the Diocese of Orland requires them to complete “Safe Environment Training” and fingerprinting. Click the link below for more information on Safe Environment Training and Fingerprinting.