Pastoral Plan (2009-2013)

Basilica of Saint Paul
Pastoral Plan 2009 – 2013

This long range pastoral plan was developed by the members of the Pastoral Council of the Basilica of Saint Paul. The plan was developed using information from the Pastoral Council discernment sessions in the Fall of 2008. In March of 2009 a survey was conducted at all Sunday masses and the data obtained was also used in the development of the pastoral plan. The pastoral plan contains three overriding dimensions: membership, ministry, and means.


I. Goal : To increase membership
A. Recruit new members
1. Develop a new registration form
2. Develop an online registration process
3. Create a welcome booklet according to commissions
4. Develop and publish a list of benefits of membership
5. Establish a welcoming table in the foyer of the church to be staffed after each mass
6. Create a welcoming committee that will contact new parishioners
7. Provide a training session for the welcoming committee about evangelization
8. Welcoming committee will follow-up with new members approximately 3 months after initial contact
9. List new members in the bulletin (if they give us permission)

10. Have a breakfast for new members 2 – 4 times a year

11. Develop a booklet for spiritual renewal to share with parishioners


B. Contact present and former parishioners

1. Formulate a committee to contact former and current parishioners

2. Have present members update their registration information on paper or online

3. Identify and invite inactive and non-updated parishioners


II. Goal: To maintain membership


A. Develop activities to evangelize that meet the needs of the diversity of our parish

1. Provide activities that encourage families with children to be involved, for example: parent/child breakfasts or dinners, cultural festivities, etc.

2. Provide monthly coffee & donuts sponsored by each pastoral commission

3. Continue with parish activities: International Festival, Trunk & Treating, Christmas Bazaar, Seder Dinner, Health Fair, and Parish Picnic

4. Develop programs for retired and senior members of the parish

5. Develop programs for youth and young adults

6. Develop a program for other adult age groups

7. Develop a family news information board in the foyer of the church for parishioners to post photos, articles, death notices, and other info pertinent to their family members




B. Improve communication with membership

1. Keep parish website up to date (

2. Begin a database of email addresses to communicate with parishioners



III. Goal: To increase involvement


A. Keep parishioners excited about faith & fellowship

1. Provide opportunities for fellowship: Bible study, Catholic movie night, basketball tournaments, etc.

2. Explore conducting a faith renewal program: Renew, Christ Renews His Parish, etc.

3. Initiate “Prayer with Pastor” nights to engage parishioners in sharing their time and talent with the parish


B. Explain various programs for Christian involvement of community

1. A different commission will host a ministry fair every other month to explain the functions of its ministries

2. Distribute information about each ministry through the Sunday bulletin and presenters during mass

3. The commission will be highlighted in the bulletin through pictures the same weekend as the ministry fair


C. Develop a process for evangelizing parishioners

1. Create an evangelization team who will contact parishioners

2. Contact couples to share faith with the spiritual renewal booklet & encourage involvement in the parish.

3. Evangelize newly married couples and parents of newly baptized children through personal outreach after the reception of sacraments

4. Evangelize newly baptized and newly received persons into full communion with the catholic church




I. Goal: To restructure the RCIA catechesis process


A. Work with elementary, teenagers, and adults in RCIA

1. Separate the ages into 3 different groups that meet in different locations


B. Develop the RCIA process with the Spanish community

1. Implement the rituals in Spanish at the 1 PM mass

2. Identify catechists who speak Spanish for the ministry

II. Goal: To develop a comprehensive youth ministry program


A. Infuse teenagers into liturgical ministries of the parish


B. Create a catechetical session for high school students during the Wednesday night faith formation and RCIA program



C. Encourage teenagers to participate in interdiocesan and interparochial programs


D. Organize social, cultural, and recreational activities for high school students


E. Create a teenage group of alumni from the Basilica School of Saint Paul


II. Goal: To foster involvement of young adults in ministry at the Basilica, in the deanery and diocese


A. Promote the activities of the Volusia Young Adult Ministry

1. Through use of bulletin announcements, web site link


B. Promote World Youth Days

1. Distribute fliers and place in the bulletin


C. Promote Renew/Theology on Tap


D. Continue outreach to Campus Ministry at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona State College, & Bethune-Cookman University

1. Explore the feasibility of appointing a student from the ERAU catholic student union to the pastoral council as an at large member


III. Goal: To provide opportunities for ongoing training for liturgical and pastoral ministries

A. Encourage, promote, & support participation in diocesan workshops for ministerial training.

1. Ministry to the Sick – Family Life Office; Prison Ministry training at the jail and diocese; Catechesis certification program for religious education, RCIA, and Basilica school teachers through Office of Religious Education

2. Identify other ministries which may need further training sessions (FOCCUS couples, Bereavement Ministers)


B. Provide intensive spiritual and practical workshops for liturgical ministries

1. To provide training at least once a year for each of the liturgical ministries

2. Ensure all new liturgical ministers are trained in the Basilica procedures of their ministry


C. To host a retreat for all ministries


IV. Goal: To ensure greater consistency within the liturgical ministries and the participation of the community at mass.


A. Establish a liturgy committee of the heads of each liturgy ministry that will fall under the leadership of the Director of Music and Liturgy to ensure liturgical training occurs

1. Review liturgical practices to ensure they are consistent with the Roman Missal


B. Introduce new rubrics according to the new Sacramentary being published



V. Goal: To evaluate Basilica outreach ministries


A. Explore providing a transportation ministry

1. Appoint a committee to research the viability, procedures, and liabilities of having a transportation ministry


B. Explore the parish joining the local F.A.I.T.H. group

1. Create a committee to make a recommendation to the pastoral council based on finances, time, and other resources needed


C. Evaluate annually the needs of the community to assess the direction of the social service ministries

1. The social service commission will provide the annual assessment





I. Goal: To prepare & implement the Alive in Christ campaign in our parish


A. Work with our appointed Diocesan representative


B. Identify a campaign team


C. Assess the greatest need for capital resources from the campaign

1. Parish finance council and maintenance committee will assist in this


II. Goal: To establish a facilities committee and a security committee


A. Assess greatest physical plant needs of the parish

1. Establish a committee of professionals and craftsmen


B. Assess security needs for the parish

1. Appoint a committee with experience in security


III. Goal: To show more fiscal transparency


A. Publish financial statement in bulletin annually


B. Provide a “town hall meeting” to elaborate on annual financial statement


C. Inform through bulletin and pulpit announcements the special collection and projects of the parish.

1. Explain commitment to Bishop Grady villas and Father Lopez Catholic High School

2. Explain the social services that are helped through the support of Basilica parishioners


D. Improve ways of appreciating benefactors.

1. Letters to donors, phone calls from pastor, other recognitions



IV. Goal: To promote planned giving by parishioners


A. Provide seminars on planned giving.

1. Contact Attorneys, CPA’s, and/or financial advisors who could present the seminars.


B. Promote contributions to the parish endowment

1. Endowment chair person will make a presentation at Sunday masses annually

2. Bulletin invitation to contribute to the endowment


V. Goal: To explore means of supporting the Basilica School.


A. Work collaboratively with the Diocesan Task Force on Halifax area catholic schools.

1. Pastor will report the progress of the task force to the Finance Committee and Pastoral Council


B. Seek support from area feeder parishes and targeted donors


C. Develop an annual appeal to alumni and friends of the Basilica School


D. Continue to support marketing and recruiting of new students


E. Explore grant possibilities and partnerships with local businesses