Music Ministry/Choir

Our music ministers provide ministry through one of the church vocal ensembles, and as cantors and instrumentalists.  Interested people should contact the Music Director to arrange an interview.  At that time requirements, rehearsal and Mass times, and related information is discussed.  Ensembles include the Principal Choir, the Spanish Choir, Bilingual Choir, and Resurrection Choir.


Cantors lead the assembly in song and worship during Mass. This ministry is very specialized and requires an interview and audition.  Diocesan and parish training is required.  Cantors serve at the discretion of the Music Director.

Church Instruments

The Basilica Church is unique in so many ways — one of them being the sounds from two organs.  The main organ console is located in the front of the church, and the gallery organ console is located in the choir loft in the rear of the church.

The main organ was installed in 1997, and is a three-manual Allen digital organ.   The main organ sounds from the gallery of the church and the antiphonal division of this organ is located in the front, east transcept.  There is a total of 174 ranks of pipe organ samplings.

The gallery organ was installed in 1999, and is a two-manual Allen Renaissance digital organ.  There is a total of 120 ranks of pipe organ samplings.

The facade pipe work for the main organ (both in the gallery and the east transcept) was built and installed by Guzowski & Steppe Pipe  Organbuilders of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Since the church has two completely independent organs and consoles, the Music Ministry has been able to feature organ duets and antiphonal choirs accompanied by two organists.  It also allows for our Principal Choir to minister from either choir area.  However, the most unique feature of the two church organs is their linking through digital interfacing.  This enables the gallery organ to be controlled from the main organ console, and vice versa.  The organs can also be joined together as one instrument – playable from either location.

Music from The Basilica Concert Series

The series strives to bring to our parishioners and the entire Daytona Beach community various musical opportunities featuring our church Music Ministry, as well as professional musicians and musical ensembles.

 Other Opportunities

In addition to the special concerts and musical events offered by our choirs, three professional recordings are available:  Let This Place Be a Symbol, Live from Rome, Italy…, and Silent Night, Holy Night.  Other DVDs of concerts and celebrations are also available.