Why Catholic?

The Basilica of St. Paul offers a faith formation and evangelization program for adults to explore the richness of their Catholic faith, deepen their relationship with Christ and share more fully in the mission of the Church.

Simply titled Why Catholic? , the four-year program is solidly based on Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Participants receive in-depth information  and insight into core beliefs, the sacraments, morality, and prayer.

Why Catholic? , developed by Renew International, is offered in English and Spanish, and meets as small communities in homes or at the parish  to share how we relate Catholic teaching to everyday life.

This program covers the basic teachings of the Church in terms of what we believe,celebrate, live, and pray. It takes place for six weeks in the Fall and again in Spring. Call the Faith Formation office at 252-5422 ex. 340 for more information.